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With AUBI, you get the ideal blueprint for aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency and economy on your next building project. You'll never have to worry about structural integrity, because AUBI buildings are engineered for long-term strength and durability.

AUBI is an authorized dealer of the Robertson Building Systems that is engineer certified to meet the structural provisions of the National Building Code of Canada, as well as provincial and local codes. This minimizes costly delays when it comes time to get permits and building approvals.

When wide open spaces for showrooms, arenas, or display areas are needed, 80' to 300' wide column free systems are available. To limit column spacing for large warehouses or manufacturing facilities, a system can be engineered with up to 200' wide modules and 80' bay spacing, allowing a 200' x 80' grid for column spacing. And all systems can be provided up to 80' in height.

From a single building, to a diverse complex of buildings, individuality in your building's appearance can be achieved through a wide array of trims, cladding, block and roofing. Whatever the need, AUBI can meet it with style, speed, economy, function, adaptability, and above all, proven engineering. 

Mission Statement

We are dedicated in maintaining our position as the premier builder in our market place by...

  • Consistently meeting and exceeding each customers' expectations for product quality, service dependability and effective communication
  • Providing competitive - superior value to our customers, and
  • Continually improving the performance of our business
  • Resulting in long-term customer relationships, along with significant competitive advantages, fulfilling careers and the achievement of reasonable profit.


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